Anastasia at Thelma Gaylord PAC

Anastasia Tickets

Thelma Gaylord PAC | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Calling all live entertainment fans! You’re gonna love us for this! We are incredibly excited to announce that THE ONE AND ONLY Anastasia are coming to Oklahoma City! Yes, you’re allowed to freak out because this event will be of legendary proportions! Anastasia have been openly discussing their preparations for this live tour, and everyone is wired because, well, they sure are preparing something outstanding. And what more suitable place to host THE show to see that the exclusive Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma’s favorite entertainment gem! Hurry up and secure your ticket for Wednesday 4th March 2020 and enjoy in Anastasia’s unique talent.

Anastasia at Civic Center Music Hall

There’s never been a better host for country music in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma than Civic Center Music Hall. The venue regularly honors its stage with the most talented in the genre, while offering stunning acoustics and lighting to deliver their fans the best shows possible. And they’re surely never disappointed, since the venue also offers a full pack of perks including convenient parking lots just around the corner and a friendly staff of professionals that welcome you with open arms. They make sure that you have never experienced live country music shows like you would at their venue. Check this for yourself by ordering tickets to any of their upcoming shows – you will thank yourself later.

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