Bill Maher at Thelma Gaylord PAC

Bill Maher Tickets

Thelma Gaylord PAC | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From the most intense sessions of Congress to the highest boardrooms in major corporations, speakers like Bill Maher are the ones that define our national stances on the important topics that matter. That’s why critics, followers, and major figures are all eager to visit Civic Center Music Hall on Sunday Sunday 22nd September 2019 when Bill Maher produces a powerful discussion in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. If you care about important issues, then you won’t want to miss out on the message and findings that this noted expert in the field will offer. What are you waiting for? To book your seat to this once-in-a-lifetime discussion, click the Buy Tickets button below.

Bill Maher at Civic Center Music Hall

Civic Center Music Hall is known across Oklahoma City Oklahoma as the best place to go for a serious talk and discussion series. That’s because Civic Center Music Hall provides everything that speakers need to hold a serious discussion with their viewers. From comfortable seating and a rich and relaxing decor to 5-star lighting and sound engineering for the stage, you will be able to enjoy the talk in comfort and style. Let’s not forget that the quality sound system that Civic Center Music Hall uses means that you will be able to hear every moment of the discussion no matter where you are seated. Then after the show, if you’re hungry for dinner or drinks, you can choose from the wide variety of fine restaurants and bars that are on the same street. It’s easy to see why Civic Center Music Hall is the place to be if you want to enjoy hard-hitting talk series and discussions like the upcoming session with Bill Maher on Sunday 22nd September 2019. Click the Buy Tickets button below to order your tickets today.

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