Bluey’s Big Play at Thelma Gaylord PAC

Bluey's Big Play Tickets

Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bluey's Big Play

You’ll never guess it when you hear the BIG news coming to your town! Because on Wednesday 18th October 2023 you could be check out Bluey's Big Play live at Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma if you book your tickets today! And you won’t want to miss out. Bluey's Big Play features an all-star cast of critically acclaimed actors who will tell a unforgettable story that you can’t see anywhere else. It also features sensational effects and vivid costumes and set designs that will be a treat for the eyes. And let’s not forget the exceptional score that will have you humming along at every moment! It’s everything you could ever want from your theatrical entertainment this season and tickets are available now. But if you don’t want to miss out, then you have to act now because supplies are limited. Beat the rush and mark your calendars. You can book your tickets today if you Tap the buy tickets button below. Then you will be on your way to experience Bluey's Big Play live at Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this coming Wednesday 18th October 2023!

A brand-new play of the Emmy-winning children's TV program Bluey's Big Play has been produced. It is brought to life with some very captivating cameos, a good collection of games (both old and new), and even a few fart jokes. It has a new, moving story that is incorporated with a selection of your favorite show moments. It includes all the necessary parts as well as a few extras that significantly improve the show's exceptional caliber.

The young audience members will jump to and fro from their seats in pure delight when a character appears and ask what will happen next? This further raises the performance to a new level of quality and facilitates a sense of community. It showcases some of the most incredible puppets performing to a soundtrack created by the voice cast, including the endearing Bluey and Bingo and the instantly identifiable Dave McCormack and Melanie Zanetti as Bandit and Chilli Heeler. Joff Bush, the series' talented composer, created the music for the production.

You have to take your kids to see the Heelers' first live theater production. Bluey's Big Play is a masterpiece that will warm your heart, and it shouldn't be passed up. You have never seen Bluey like this before.

Bluey's Big Play at Thelma Gaylord PAT At Civic Center Music Hall

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