Wicked at Thelma Gaylord PAC

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Thelma Gaylord PAC | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Why wait for a second chance to experience something unique when on Sunday 16th May 2021, the famous and Grammy award winning Wicked comes to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This amazing musical will be presenting this stunning show at the greatest venue in the state, the Thelma Gaylord at Civic Center Music Hall! Your ticket will get you entrance into the show that fans and critics are claiming will go down in history as one of the fastest selling shows of 2021. If you are a fan of Broadway, then you don’t want to miss out on this incredible show! Buy your tickets today by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

Wicked at Thelma Gaylord at Civic Center Music Hall

Even if your local cinema has the most cutting-edge sound quality, there’s no gadget on earth that can replicate the sound and atmosphere of a live show. If a movie director wants a song included in their movie, they dub it in while editing. During a live musical, every note is produced authentically in the room. If Hamilton doesn’t believe that he’s ‘not throwin’ away his shot’, then neither do the audience. If a singer wavers onstage, there’s no yelling ‘cut!’ and no second-takes – we’re asking a lot more from someone singing live on stage than we are of someone singing from inside a recording booth. So come and experience some incredible talent at the Thelma Gaylord at Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma for one of their upcoming shows.

Wicked at Thelma Gaylord at Civic Center Music Hall

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